Progress Bar Custom Text

For the perspective progress bar you can display the value and set a max, for example here is 1820 out of 3231:

What I want to do is have the displayed text be “1820 / 3221”.

Is there any way to do it?



Was there any resolution with this question? I am trying to do something similar. I just want to display some static text directly on the progress bar.

@Ethan_Bachman I didn't pursue it any further, I ended up going with percentages with tooltips.



I couldn't find a 'clean' way to do this, but if your text is static you could use css.

First, make a style class. For the example, I called mine addtext.

If you're on the last version, with the new css sheet, add this:

.psc-addtext::after {content: " your text";}

If you're on an older version, you can the theme file, or css injection.
If using theme file, add the same line as above in your .css

For injection:
In your style class, pick a property with a text field, for example background image, and add this:
} .psc-addtext::after {content: " your text here"} {

Now, apply that style class to the progress bar's valueDisplay style:


And you're done:


That looks about like what I need. My only difference is that I don't want it to display the value at all. I have created a workaround by just placing a label over the progress bar in a coordinate container. I will play around with that concept and see if I can get it to work.

Here's what I've done in the past:

Wrap your progress bar in a coordinate container.
Put a progress bar and a label component in the container, with the same x/y and size properties.
Make sure the label is the second component so it is displayed on top.
In your progress bar component, set the "valueDisplay->enabled" property to false.
Set the text of the label component to be what ever you want displayed on top of the progress bar.


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If you do go the route of "coordinate like flex" to create the exact functionality you want, you can put this binding on the coordinate root to make it flex:


+ ":" 
+ {view.props.defaultSize.height}



Then I agree with the other comments, at some point it becomes simpler to just overlay a label on top of your bar.

Yep, using a label overtop of the progress bar in the coordinate container did the trick. Thanks for the help.