Progress Bar Help needed

I am displaying a progress bar that represents Percentage of Work Order Completed. It all works great, blue when normal, yellow when almost finished, red when at 100. Problem is in my business sometimes there is a need to run more than 100% of what the work order calls for.

My problem is that once I hit 101% the progress bar gets a thick red border with a grey slanted box over the left side (kinda like when an element is missing). I am passing it a value from a stored procuder that calcultes the percent for me… This is the current statement that give me the proper percentage:
lookup({Root}, “VS33601”,0,0,“OrderProgress”)

Is there an easy way to leave the progress bar red, and remove the thick red border, or do I simply need to create an expression that when X > 100 return 100?

While binding a property to a component you can check the overlay opt-out
It is at the bottom of the binding window under options.

Hope this helps

Unfortunately that did not change anything… Thanks for the attempt though.

That overlay is showing that your value is out of range for the progress bar, you could use an expression to always return a value of 100 or less -

min(lookokup({Root}, "VS33601",0,0,"OrderProgress"), 100)

I check(simple if statement using expression) if the value is greater than 100 i set it to 100 otherwise I set it to whatever the value is.
I have another issue, is there a reason that when the value is less than 1 the progress bar just shows blank? I rather see 0% versus nothing you know. using 7.8.0
I came across this post when I was searching around, I realize its a few years old :open_mouth: