Progress Bar not Progressing in Client

I have a progress bar who’s value is bound to a tag. This tag is incremented up by 1 (to a value of 5000) inside of a ‘while’ loop (while the tag value is less than 5001). This while loop is part of a script that is activated by a button.

The progress bar is not showing any progress in the Client. However, it is showing progress in the Designer.

What could be the issue why it’s not progressing in the Client?


You’ll need to share more code to be sure, but you can’t run long processes within any event procedure – it doesn’t give the rest of your application any opportunity to run. You must use an asynchronous background thread for such things, passing values back through tag writes or using invokeLater() to run property assignments in the foreground from your background thread.

Thanks for the response Phil.

You were correct in that I needed to use an asynchronous background thread.

To tell you the truth, I wasn’t familiar with that aspect, so I called tech support. It took a little while, but they ended up using an asynchronous thread. Now it works fine.