Progress Bar Problems

I’ve noticed two problems with the progress bar:

  1. If you copy a progress bar that has already been assigned to a tag, the copied version keeps the referance to the min max values of the original version. You can change the copied version and then once you save/commit the window then reopen window, the min max values match the go back to origal version.

  2. The progress bar does not work with values less than 1. For example, say you need to display a decimal value that ranges between 0 to 1. The progress bar either displays 0 or 1 and nothing inbetween.

  1. When you tag onto a component more than one binding occurs. The progress bar’s value, min, max and tooltip get bound to the tag. All of the bold properties are bound. When you copy and paste the component you must change all bindings in order to point to the correct tag.

If you change a property value that is bound to something, then re-opening the window will revert the value back. Look for whether or not the property is bold or bound.

  1. The progress bar’s value is an integer, so you cannot use a floating point value. However, you can bind the value to an expression converting the floating point value to an integer. You can scale it up.

Thanks for clearing that up. I now understand…

With regards to #2: You can “roll-your-own” floating point progress bar with a combination of the level indicator component + linear scale component.