Progress bar that can go above 100%

Hello Forum lords,
I want to use production bars to track my production level to meet the hourly goal. The problem is that we often produce more then the goal but if we do the bar gets an error and goes red. Is there a way to make it not do that, maybe for the max not to be a true max? I am new to ignition and am using the built in progress bar.

Unfortunately, no. But you could add a custom property to the progress bar, bind your tag to that instead, and then bind the progress bar value with the min() expression function, giving it the custom property and the configured bar maximum.

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Try using the Moving Analog Indicator ( or Linear Scale ( There are a lot more configuration options for those. We use them to do something similar to what you describe.

Here is an expression I used, if the value exceeds the maximum it will change the maximum to match the value keeping the progress bar at 100% if you go over the original limit. if ({Root Container.Progress Bar Line.value} > {Root Container.Progress Bar.maximum}, {Root Container.Progress Bar.maximum}, {Root Container.Progress Bar Line.value})

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