Project and Scheduled Gateway Backup Issues


I upgraded our master and backup from V8.0.3 to V8.0.4 on Tuesday and wasn’t seeing any issues.

Yesterday I set each of our servers’ Ignition service to log on using my corporate credentials so that we can save scheduled backups, reports etc. to a network location rather than locally using these instructions:

I then restarted both servers.

I then changed the location of the scheduled backups to a network location.

Ever since, a colleague reported that a project he is currently developing was doing strange things and throwing intermittent “caused by GatewayException: Read timed out” & “caused by SocketTimeoutException: Read timed out” errors… Additionally he was seeing connection lost and established notifications in the bottom right of the designer and client.

I checked if this mornings 4am daily scheduled backup worked - it did but the date created timestamp is 4:00am but the date modified timestamp is 5:25am… All past backups have the same timestamp for date created vs date modified - 4:00am.

This morning I restarted both servers again which has so far resolved my colleague’s project’s issues. I took a manual backup of the gateway with no issue (created = modified timestamps). I then tried to take a scheduled backup at 8:07am - it worked but date created is 8:07am and date modified is 8:16am…

Just thought I would share.

I believe the time delta between created and modified dates reflects how long it took to save the backup (your network location takes longer than saving it locally). Your colleague’s issues also sound like symptoms of a poor network connection–possibly made worse by backup occurring at the time.

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Well that make a lot of sense - thank you witman you are 2 for 2 in 2 days!

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