Project and Shared scripts unaccessible (Reporting Module)

The reporting module displays a “Data Collection Error” message whenever trying to call scripts from Scripting>Project Library>project or Scripting>Project>shared.

I tried the following combinations:

import shared.myScript

from shared.myScript import foo

Additional Info:
Using Ignition Designer (Mac)
Ignition 8.0.15

You upgraded from 7.9 or an earlier version? Did you restore your .gwbk directly/run the installer to upgrade, or manually restore your project(s)?

We upgraded from 7.9.9 using the installer. Our reporting needs changed a little so I’m building the new reports from scratch in 8.0. Not sure if it’s related but the script I’m referencing from Shared scripts uses function system.mes.loadMESObject.

I troubleshooted a little more and it seems that the following form does work

The error was caused by incorrect parameters passed to system.mes.loadMESObject() within the script.

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