Project browser not reacting to open windows/templates

Currently using:
Ignition 7.8.1
Java 8u121

I noticed a strange behavior where the project browser isn’t properly showing what window is opened. For example, if I open a window from the main splash page, the project browser still stays completely collapsed. Same thing when I double click on a template in a given window to edit it. The template opens, but the project browser is still collapsed. This can get a little tricky when trying to drill down into a specific group, sub template, etc. This behavior did not happen when I was running Ignition 7.6.6 and Java 8u121.

I’d suggest you upgrade to Ignition 7.8.5. I know there were a couple of bugs in the project browse tree that were fixed in early versions of 7.8, and that’s probably one of them.


Thanks for the heads up! I had noticed another bug with .gwbk sizes growing rather large and we were already planning on upgrading to 7.8.3 to resolve those. Thanks again.

version 7.9.9 still an issue and very annoying