Project Cleanup Question

I just inherited a project which was built back in 2012 on Ignition 7.3. I have setup a new server with v7.7.2 and transferred the project over. While looking through the data, I noticed that there are over 35,000 tag IDs listed in the sqlth_te table. There should only be about 550 active tags, and I’d like to cleanup all of the extra, non-relevant tags. I’m weary of a cleanup of that many records, and am trying to determine if there is a way to run a database query, or a search in the project to determine if any of these tags are still being referenced.

All of the tags were setup using Ignition as an internal tag provider, but the name of the tag database has been changed a few times, so there are multiple references to the same set of active tags. I’d also like to clean this up, and am open to suggestions of the best way to do this.

Thanks for your input.

Hi there,

The “retired” column of the sqlth_te table contains the date that a tag was deleted, or modified in a way that resulted in a new entry.

It seems that when the “retired” column contains a date (is not NULL) the row is no longer used. I would need to ask Colby Clegg to be absolutely sure about that.

The following may work:

  1. Make a backup or copy of the sqlth_te table to be safe.
  2. Delete all the rows in the sqlth_te table where the “retired” column is not NULL.
  3. Check that historical tag logging is still working by checking the database and/or graphs.