Project configuation edit and new project not accessable

On the configuration pojects page, I time out whenever I try to create or edit a project. I was able to, after several attempts to create a project but have not been able to access any of the project edit pages or create another project since, I always time out. I am then provided with this message:

Internal error
Return to home page

The return to home page is a link to the home page where I can try again, and again, and again…

The Console tells me this:

10:19:44 AM PageAccessSynchronizer Thread ‘http-8088-3’ failed to acquire lock to page with id ‘19’, attempted for 1 minute out of allowed 1 minute. The thread that holds the lock has name ‘http-8088-28’.
(I) 10:18:51 AM LocalDBManagerImpl Created auto-backup of internal database “settings” in 4 seconds
(I) 10:18:51 AM ENGINE Successfully backed up instance ‘settings’ to ‘C:\Program Files\Inductive Automation\Ignition\data\db\autobackup\db_20130819_101846.tar.gz’
(I) 10:18:47 AM ENGINE Initiating backup of instance ‘settings’
(I) 10:18:47 AM ENGINE checkpointClose end
(I) 10:18:46 AM ENGINE dataFileCache commit start
(I) 10:18:46 AM ENGINE checkpointClose start
(I) 10:18:46 AM LocalDBManagerImpl Creating auto-backup of internal database “settings”…
10:18:44 AM DefaultExceptionMapper Unexpected error occurred Could not lock page 19. Attempt lasted 1 minute

What would be the fix for this issue?

Can you get a thread dump from either the console> threads tab or the GCU and attach it here?

You may have to restart the gateway to ‘fix’ this. What version are you on?

Here’s the thread dump, and the software version:

System Properties
Context State Running
Redundancy Mode Independent
Redundancy State Active
Version 7.6.2 (b2368)
Java Version Sun Microsystems Inc. 1.6.0_24
CPU % 7.1
Memory (used/max) 751 mb / 1,018 mb
Uptime 23 days, 23 hours, 31 minutes, 24 seconds
Timezone America/Los_Angeles [GMT-8:00]
Locale en_US
Java Library Path ./lib;lib\core\gateway

How many projects do you have?

We have 14 projects, Of the 14 several are duplicates of others for testing purposes and several are simply learning "Sandboxes’

Hmm. This might be related to a bug on pages that deal with projects that got introduced in 7.6…

It should show up in 7.6.3-rc4 when it gets released.

In the meantime you will probably have to restart your gateway to get things back to normal.

Reboot worked, hopefully we won’t have to do this on any type of a regular basis. Production holds their breath when they lose control of their process even for a short period of time.

Thanks for the help

I think this was fixed in Ignition 7.6.3 rc2 or rc3.

Was this fixed in the release? I didn’t see it in the changelog.

It was fixed in one of the 7.6.3 RC releases, but it was not put in the changelog - woops.