Project Configuration Page gives Internal Error Message

Project Configuration page is not accesible and projects can not be excuted or opened with the designer.
Ignition Versión 7.6.2 64 Bits
Windows 7 Pro.
I tried restarting the service and rebooting the PC none of them worked.


Please look in the install directory, under “logs”, and attach the “wrapper.log” file here. Hopefully that will give us some idea of what is happening.


Sincé all the projects that I had on the machine where basically demos that I had prepared for potential customers I tried installing the new versión of Ignition and found a different problem. There are language problems the spanish Ñ and the á, é, í ó & ú. are not converting properly.
At any ratethe problem after installing the latest versión persited so I uninstalled Ignition from the PC.
After a new installation and restoring the server everithing worked.
The language problems are still there.

So my explanation of the Language problem is a bit clearer I included a picture.
The problem is not present in 7.6.2

Ah, thanks, I’m fairly certain that has been fixed for 7.6.4. You can try the latest RC from the downloads page, if you want.