Project default tag provider not updating in Designer

Still in the learning phase, so bear with me :wink:

I'm testing changing the project default tag provider.
The motive is to be able to run against different providers when debugging different release versions.
I have tested with one provider with a tag, and a second ("clone)" provider with different name but containing the same tag.
I reference this tag without the provider base-path so,
'myProjectDefaultProvider' (not '[default]myProjectDefaultProvider').
In the View onStartup script i get the provider name and tag value and write them as text to label components on the View.

When changing the project default tag provider in the Project-menu + saving, this updates fine in the browser. It does not update in the Designer.
Running preview mode (or toggling) does not help.
Only way I find is to go into the onStart script itself and exit with OK (save), then texts update.

I realize this is a system event which is "Fired on a view when the view is loaded into the browser window."

But is there any way to enforce this on the Designer?

Re-open the project in the designer. This applies to most project settings.

This did the trick, thanks Phil!
The save popup in the designer was a bit confusing:
Got the feeling this would apply to designer as well.