Project disappeared

I have been working a project for almost 2 weeks. I went to import a backed up project (.gwbk) file and the project that existed was replaced/deleted by the restored project. Am I simply done and need to start over with a new project?

A gateway backup is a backup of an entire gateway, not a project export. You replaced your entire gateway contents with whatever was in the backup.

Call support, there might be an old auto backup you can use to restore your old gateway.

Thank you. I'll give that a try but I thought I was restoring a project backup. Just my lack of understanding. So projects are exported - the backup and restore is for the entire gateway including projects. A little confusing.

It is pretty clearly explained in IA's free online training at Inductive University, in a short topic called "Making Backups and Restoring", here:

You really, really should go through Inductive University.

Enable scheduled backups in gateway settings.

If you already have it enabled you should have a backup of your gateway prior to the incident.

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I have, but my memory and understanding are both human and subject to failure.

It's in the extension name "gwbk" gateway backup. Project backups are zip files (or proj files for pre v8)