Project Downgrade from 7.9.x to 7.8.x

Hi guys,

I recently developed a project based on the 7.9.x version of the Ignition Gateway.

I need now to reuse this program for a new costumer who does have a 7.8.x version.

Could you gently advise me on the best way I should adopt in order to execute the conversation of the project?

Thanks for your time

Save an empty project from your customer’s v7.8. Open the .proj file in a text editor and examine the version headers. Edit the v7.9 .proj file to have the same headers and then attempt to import it. If it fails, examine the error logs to find what features of v7.9 you’ve used that won’t import. Edit under v7.9 to remove those elements. Repeat until it works. Then re-implement the stuff you had to delete.

Do all of the above on a trial v7.8.x, of course, not on your customer’s production system.

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I have had success doing the following:

  1. On the same computer, open Ignition Designers in both 7.9.* and 7.8.*.
  2. Copy windows or any object from a project in 7.9.* to the Designer in 7.8.*

If incompatibilities come up, you may be able to open up the window and select all of the objects that are compatible and paste them across.