Project exits to application select screen when interacting with map in perspective app

Gateway is on Ignition v8.1.9, Perspective app is v1.0.3-79 running on a Kindle. I’m using the map component for a custom map that’s pulling an image in from S3 for the layers/raster/image/0/source property. The url itself is a pre-signed url generated from an api call triggered by the ‘onstartup’ event. I can navigate around the map for less than 30 seconds before I get kicked out of the project and back to the application select screen.

The map in the demo seems to work fine, as does the map component when the project is accessed via Firefox. Not quite sure how to start digging into this, as the logs aren’t capturing anything…

After playing around with it a bit, the issue is not time based - it occurs when a zoom in is performed, then an additional zoom in. It doesn’t, however, happen when there’s a zoom in, zoom reset, and another zoom in… And it seems to be somewhat dependent on file size - the initial image file used in testing was 819KB - testing with an image that was 15KB did not yield any issues.