Project Export, What Version?

I have a project that I exported from a version 8 gateway, but I dont remember what exact version. If i unzip the project is there somewhere I can look to tell me what version I was running at the time? I am trying to import the project and it tells me it cannot because of it being a different version.

I know that in project resource exports (xml) you can open them with notepad and see the version number, not sure you can do that with .gwbk files

i have a project.json file but all it has is this

  "title": "",
  "description": "",
  "enabled": true,
  "inheritable": false

You may just have to restore the export on a development gateway to see what version it is.

Are you saying just start installing version of ignition until it lets me import?

Are you trying to import this into a 7.9 or prior Ignition?

I just tried it again on version 8.0.16 and it imported this time. Not sure what the problem was before.