Project font changes when using the Native Client Launcher

I have a project that uses the “Dialog” font extensively. When setting up a new client system, (On Ignition 7.9 LTS), I find I often have to fully remove all existing java versions and then install the correct JRE. For whatever reason, if I don’t follow this procedure and I attempt to open a client, I see the java webstart splashscreen for a moment and then it terminates. There are no entries to the java console indicating what went wrong.

I recently starting trying out the native client launchers since I see that they now bundle a JRE right with the launcher. This is great since I no longer have do my workaround.

The problem is that the bundled JRE doesn’t seem to map the “Dialog” logical font to a physical system font so it ends up defaulting to a different generic san serif font. This causes some spacing issues with certain components and breaks the layout. Is there a way to change this behavior so that the correct font is chosen?

The bundled JRE maps Dialog to Noto Sans, which is also included in the runtime we’re now shipping.

The Oracle JRE licensed and bundled Lucida, which is probably what you are accustomed to seeing.

I’m not seeing a file that would let you change this mapping on 7.9… I’ll have to check with someone and get back to you.

I guess there isn’t a on Mac, but on Windows and Linux you can find it in the bundled JRE under conf/fonts.

Unfortunately you’d have to make this modification on every launcher/machine.

Thanks for the help - this gives me a good place to start. All of our clients are windows, with one mac. Interestingly, the mac also suffers from this font issue even when not using the native client launcher.

Mac doesn’t respect any of the font config properties and instead hard-maps to internal fonts which is why you would see this even if you aren’t using the native client launcher.

Jonathan C