Project Freezing

I have a new project that I’ve recently deployed and both clients are freezing rather frequently. They are installed on panel pc’s with 8gb of ram and a 6 gen Core I-5. Max client ram is currently set to 1024. Should I increase this to 2 MB? These clients are displaying images from a Cognex camera through the web browser module which is the only component that I could see potentially causing an issue. Occasionally, I get a failed to load error in the console so I’m not sure if that could be causing the entire project to freeze? I’ve placed the error below:

15:34:29.738 [Browser Events Thread] INFO WebBrowser.BrowserComponent - Web browser frame failed to load. Error = ABORTED, URL = file://$/LabelVerifierImages/DM262-5C040809.svg

What version are you using?

Basically the Chromium engine has given up on loading the svg you’re trying to load – unfortunately we don’t get any more information than that from Chromium.

Version 7.9.8. So would that cause project to completely freeze and have to be shutdown by task manager? The occssional loading of an image is not a big deal with 60 or so coming each minute.

I don’t think so, but if you contact support we can have someone look at it.