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This is my first time writing on this forum. I have been using Ignition for a couple years now and really like the software.

I am in the middle of a big project for me and could use some help. I am working on a scheduling board for my company and have hit some snags. I thought it would be best to list out my first questions.

1 is there a way to have multiple clients open and all of them see the changes that the other clients make? Even if I have to refresh the clients every 2 minutes or something like that.

2 is there a way to force all caps in text fields?

3 in my project I would like to section a week with 3 windows Sunday – Saturday the user will fill the scheduling board lets say Monday Tuesday Wednesday on the scheduling board for the first window, on Wednesday switch to window 2 but still have all the info from Tuesday “window 1” transfer to the Tuesday on window 2? Can this be done?

Thanks for any and all help

  1. Depends on the data you are expecting to share on the best way to update. If they are single points, making them connected to memory tags might make sense to pass parameters across all clients. If it is a larger dataset, you should be able to set a poll rate to query the database or where ever you are storing the data.

  2. Not sure on this one. I know you could force it via script when saving, but not sure if you can force caps as the user types.

  3. This implementation will vary a bit depending on if you are using vision or perspective, but I would keep your overall data stored in a parameter for a main window, then use a template or sub-view to pull those parameters into each individual day in the range you are looking for. You can script any changes to the fields on each day to commit to the dataset overall.

Not sure if these are the best ways to knock it out, but it would be how I’d approach them. Hope it helps :slight_smile:

+1 to what @grietveld said, although I would add a ‘lock’ feature to try and keep multiple users working on the same record.

Nope. But after it’s entered, you can do with it whatever you want. I’d add a custom property to the field and use an upper expression.

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Or you can use a Formatted Text Field to require all caps input, but it’s not the most “friendly” user experience.

Thank you for responding ill try some of this and let you know what i come up with.

Ok thanks as far as my number 2 question thanks a lot i have solved. What we ended up doing is like Jordan said, once the string was entered, we used the .upper() function. When the user is typing, its lowercase, but whenever they hit enter or commit that change it becomes uppercase. Great!