Project History on Ignition 8

Hello, I just noticed that on a 8.0.12 installation the project history (the one on config section -> projects -> more -> details) on the gateway page is no more available. Maybe I’m wrong, but I was remembering that I used it on earlier versions, like 8.0.3/4, has it been (re)moved? It’s a very usefull feature, will it be available in future releases?
Thanks in advance,

The ‘changes’ UI hasn’t been available since 8.0.0, since we refactored the entire project system.
It’s hard to do changes in a useful way, since changes can now come from any external source that modifies the files on the filesystem. If you enable auditing on the project, the audit log will start receiving entries for every project modification, including external sources. Or, you can set up a VCS like Git on the proejct and track changes in a granular way:

Hi and thanks for the reply, and for the tip! I had missed the fact that the control engine records changes in the project, I will enable it because unfortunately I don’t have access to the gateway machine to use git.