Project Import from 7.9 to 8.0


I’m importing a 7.9.10 project into 8.0.1.

The import brings in everything except the shared script library.

From other forum posts, it indicates that shared scripts, when imported the script goes under the global resource. However I cannot see this global resource in my project.

I also performed a manual import of these scripts, but I still cannot see them in my project browser.

I know they are imported, because when I try to re-import it asks me to overwrite them.

However if my initial script name was “Script_1”, when it asks to overwrite it gives the name
“Unknown - Script_1” when asking to overwrite.


This sounds a lot like an issue where it imports but in the wrong location on disk and therefore does not show up in your project browser. Can you send me a copy of the project you are importing? Also, you are importing from the designer correct?


I will email you the link to the backup.


I was able to reproduce the issue. It looks like when a script import is within a folder it does not appropriately show it in your project browser. I’ll get a ticket written up for this.
As a workaround though, once you import your scripts you should be able to save and then they will appear if you close and reopen your designer.


I have tried what you suggested, however is still cannot see any of the scripts from the project browser.
I am on version 8.0.1


Using your backup, I exported the Global Resources on 7.9.10 using a designer. Then on an 8.0.1 server imported that into an existing project using the designer. That’s when I saw it wasn’t appearing on the project browser and re-importing it showed the “Unknown - AlarmCount” overwrite popup you were seeing. Saving after that and closing/reopening the designer is when I saw them appear under Scripting > Project Library > Shared.

If doing those steps doesn’t fix it can you send me the project/script exports you are using? It’s definitely possible it is something else.
Also, when you first try importing the scripts, are the scripts in a folder called “Script-python\shared” like in the picture here:


No I don’t see the file structure.

I have screen grabs for what I see, the imports show me the file structure that you see.

Scripts are in the backup but overwrite all imported scripts.

After import I don’t see the file structure under scripts.

I’ll send on my import file.



After attempting to recreate with your project import, I am hitting the same issue as before but it works correctly after closing and reopening the designer. However, I was able to replicate your issue by going to the project directory on the server and changing the script root folder from “script-python” to “Script-python”. It’s possible if this project is old enough that you could be hitting a similar issue. If you create a new project and import the global scripts there, save, close/reopen the designer and everything looks right, then it’s probably something along these lines. At this point though, I would suggest getting in contact with support as there are a lot of variables that can’t be accounted for without direct access to your system.
When you contact support, make sure to reference this forum post. It should give them some additional background.