Project library in perspective

Can we call project library script behind any components in perspective?

I tried in button it is not working.

Yes, you can. Please elaborate on “not working”.

i have called the project library script behind a button.

A few things:

  • You do not need the project designation to call a project library script from within the project it is defined in, so your code should “presumably” be: logbook_excel.xslQltyData()
  • If you are trying to call a script within another project is the name of that project really “Project”?
  • If so, is the project “Project” set as the Gateway Scripting Project? In perspective you are in the Gateway Scope and so you can only call scripts external to the current project which are defined in the Gateway Scripting Project.

Actually the problem is i am using “system.file.saveFile” in my script.

it is not working on perspective. when testing on script console it was working.

Yeah, that would cause an issue. system.file.saveFile() is not available in perspective.

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Use instead. (You will need to adjust your expectations to match browser limitations.)

When using system functions, always check the documentation to verify available scopes. If you look at the documentation for the system.file.saveFile() function, you can see that the only declared scopes are for the Vision client.

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