Project Library Script - Stopped working after changing name

I’m dealing with some really strange thing.
I have a script in Project Library called Recipe, it works as expected.
I’ve changed the name from Recipe to Recipes, and after that, the script stopped working. I’m testing it from the Script Console.
Of course, I’ve changed in the console from Recipe to Recipes.
If I change back the name to Recipe, it starts working again.

The error says:

Does anyone an idea of what’s happening here?

Thanks in advance

In case somebody have the same error, apparently the error occurs for wrong spaces or tabs, even if it appears to be OK, I’ve fixed copying the entire script to a notepad and pasting again, without changes. I don’t know why this happens, but it happens a lot.

Python is white space dependent, specifically on tabs.

Download and install notepad++ or kate and use those rather than the windows notepad.

Tabs and spaces can look alike but aren’t. Use an editor that can be configured to be consistent. Ignition’s editor likes tabs that look like four spaces.

Thanks for your help!