Project Lost (but still exists?)

Ignition version 7.9.8
Yesterday, I created a new Project “QUARRY”.
The first thing I did was import existing project “Packhouse”.
I worked on project “QUARRY”, modifying screens, adding tags, etc.
This morning, I cannot find project “QUARRY” to open it - neither in the Designer, nor in the Gateway home page. But if I try to create an new project “QUARRY”, it won’t let me: “Project name is already in use”
Where did my project go?

I think you’d better contact support for this. To solve this, some edits will need to be done to the internal database.

My guess is that the project didn’t get added to the table in the DB listing the projects (or perhaps has some odd data in that row), but since resources exist that reference the project, it probably blocks you from creating that project now.

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I think I got it…
The Project Name is “QUARRY”.
The Project Title is “Primary Crusher”, which I believe conflicted with a previous aborted project Named “Primary Crusher”.
When I opened “Primary Crusher” in the designer this morning, I got the old aborted project (I think).
In the Gateway Configuration Page, i found Project “QUARRY”. I edited the Description of this project, and saved it.
Now in Designer I see Project “Primary Crusher”, which is in fact the work I did yesterday.
To avoid confusion, in Gateway Configuration page, I changed the Title of my Project “QUARRY” to “QUARRY” (instead of “Primary Crusher”), now I see Project “QUARRY” in Designer.
All is good.