Project Memory/Tag Structure With Duplicate Device IP

Good Morning,

I am getting ready to commission a program change on an Allen Bradley CompactLogix PLC. I intend to test the changes with an Ignition HMI I have built. However right now, I have no OPC tag binding set-up in the HMI program because the OPC tags do not yet exist in Ignition.

I intend to create a new device in the Ignition Gateway and point it the processor. However, right now, there is a different existing, more SCADA-like project that uses a few tags from the current PLC program. Can I simply disable the device in the gateway, create a new device with the same IP address and thus set up a separate device from which I can pull in tags for the new PLC project?

Will this have any deleterious effect on the other existing project with its existing tag binding? I may need to roll it back if I can’t get the kinks worked out before production starts again.



There’s no problem with this.

Your new device will have to be named something different, and any tags you currently have set up that point to the device you’re going to disable will have bad quality.

Or don’t disable the other driver. You can have multiple simultaneous drivers pointing at the same PLC. This is quite helpful if there are throughput problems due to network latency (up to the PLCs connection limits).

Oh, very interesting point.