Project Missing from Config Project List

On the gateway config projects page I am missing a project. I can find the project in the ignition projects folder on the hard drive. I can also see it and open it in the designer. Any ideas on how I can fix this?

I do not see any errors in the log in reference to this project.

Ignition 8.1.7

If you set the logger gateway.ProjectRoutes to TRACE and then navigate to that page against what shows up in the logs?

Figured it out. There are two pages of projects. Even though the table is set to sort by name it is only sorting the projects that are actually on the page and not all the projects on the gateway. Is there a way to have it sort all the projects when you go to the projects page?

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Not sure, but Iā€™m going to log an issue because that behavior is so dumb I consider it a bug.