Project name change question

I am new to Ignition so thanks in advance for any advice.

At a large mining and milling operation, the client has two separate Ignition servers each running their own project which control different processes. I’ve been tasked with loading each project onto each server. In other words, users logging into either server will be able to launch either project on the server they logged into without being redirected.

The problem I am seeing is that even though each project is completely different, they both have the same default name, ONESCADA. The research I’ve done explicitly recommends against changing the project name. Instead, it is recommended that the title be changed. Does anyone have suggestions of how to get these two ONESCADA projects on the same server?

Thanks again for any help,

Kathryn Price
Electric Power Systems, Inc.

You absolutely cannot have two projects on one gateway with identical names. You’ll have to rename them.

Beyond that though, I don’t think this is a good idea at all. Why not have one project on one gateway, the other on the other gateway, and then use client redirection to bounce users back and forth? If you copy the projects keeping them in sync as changes are made is going to be a pain…