Project not launching

I experienced an odd issue at a clients site where one of the projects on the gateway would not launch. Other projects and designer would launch just fine. It only happened on their computers.
It would show the Java but never transition into the blue Ignition screen where it downloads the project information.(see below)
What ended up fixing it was reinstalling/updating Java(They were on 151 or 161). I used the Windows Offline(64Bit) version of Java(1.8.0_161). I don’t see why this fixed it because other projects were launching just fine. My only guess so far is the anti virus but I did not see in the logs that it was blocking it.

This usually happens when trying to start a project / designer that is set to use more than 1.5gb of memory with the 32 bit version of java. Install 64 bit java if you want to use more than 1.5gb of memory.

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That looks like it was most likely the issue. Didn’t think of that possibly being an issue.