Project Object Security Listing

Good Afternoon User Group,
I searched High and Low in the Group listing and documentation, and I’m sure I’m not the first one to ask for this but, What I need is a script, function or SQL statement to search my Ignition project Security Settings Tab of the Vision Listing I need a list the Ignition Objects (Screens, Text Boxes, Drop Downs etc…) for the Restrictions and the Active Directory Security Group (Exempt Roles) assigned to the object and return them in report format. Any help will be appreciated, Thanks in advance, Matt.

Hello mwolter,

This is not currently possible to do within Ignition. You can use the Ctrl+F to find most of the Vision Security but these results are within the UI and not something you can export. Also, the Project Security is not something that can be searched.

I would suggest submitting a feature request to have this possibly implemented in the future. Ignition Features and Ideas | Inductive Automation