Project on Ignition and Edge

Hi everyone,

TO describe quicly the current situation, I got a project running on Ignition and I’d like to have a local client fallback.

I ordered a Edge Panel licence. The problem is when I restore the project on Edge, it doesn’t seem to work. Actually, it seems that user/password are not kept.

Does anyone know how to do ?

Thank you for your help.

Edge can’t do everything a full install can do. In particular, no database operations are available at all. Only short-term local tag history can be trended. A fallback is usually a stripped-down version of the original project that handles the bare minimum required to run the machine(s).

User authentication is not part of a project. It’s handled on the gateway level. It would come through on a gateway backup/restore, but you can’t restore a full Ignition install to an Edge install. You’ll have to set that up manually.

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Although, you can set up a ‘fallback cache authentication’ user source on the edge gateway, which should do what you need:

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