Project polling rate/How fast can tags update?

This might be addressed in one of the Inductive University videos I haven’t gotten to yet, but I’m wondering what is meant by the polling rate of the project and how quickly a button press can update a tag and how quickly we can see feedback.

One of our machines has a decurl bar. I want the operator to be able to hit an UP or DOWN arrow and have the bar start moving basically immediately. We currently use Rexroth’s OCE protocol and the touch screen button may as well be a physical button; there’s maybe a quarter of a second delay. Is it possible to achieve a similar responsiveness with a Vision or Perspective program?

I see that you cannot reduce the project polling rate below 500 ms, and if I read a tag with a 500ms on/500 ms off toggle the display “misses” flashes. It also seems like I have to use a momentary button to update a tag and not a regular button, perhaps because of the update delay?

In essence, is it possible to send/receive data like position within a couple dozen or couple hundred milliseconds, rather than 500+?

Thank you.

What version are you using? I thought the default client poll rate was 250ms.

Hmmm. Do those processors support Ethernet/IP ? If so, you might like this:

Yes, 100ms User Interface response times are possible.

{Older post, but the module is up to date with v8.1.}

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I am using Version 8.1, I got it directly from the main download page. The project settings in Designer only let you set it as low as 500ms. Is there a different setting I can change so I can get more rapid response?

Are we talking about the same property?

I was not, I glossed right over that. What does the property I was thinking of do? How low can I drop the polling rate so I can get those rapid button presses?

That’s for polling-based bindings.

Have you created a new, faster Tag Group or changed the rate of the default group? By default tags are subscribed with a sampling interval of 1,000ms.

I wasn’t aware of that feature/setting. I now have both the client polling rate and tag rates set to 50. I’ll do some testing but 50 ms should be good.

Once again that you for being so responsive :slight_smile:

The “Polling Base Rate” is for query bindings, fwiw.