Project properties reset to default

I moved my ignition gateway from one PC to another. I made a backup of the original gateway and imported it in the new gateway. I noticed that all the project properties have reset to default. Are those values not stored on backup? Can I retrieve the original project properties and restore to the new gateway?

Ignition ver 7.6.4 on both machines.

You can retrieve the project properties by doing an export from the designer. You will be prompted with a window to select what you would like to export from the project. Here you can select the project properties. What properties didn’t import?

The client launching and auto login properties did not import. There may have been more but I didn’t take note of all of them.

I tested this with 7.6.6 and all settings imported. I apologize, I don’t have a 7.6.4 gateway to try this with. Can you update your gateway and see if this resolves the issue. I checked here and do not see where this issue had been reported and fixed internally.