Project releasing best practice

What’s the best way to work on a dev project version and then to release it overwriting the old production version?
I also need to work on the same gateway…
Thank you!

Are you talking about updating the actual project or the version of Ignition? Or both?

If you want to overwrite the current project with the new one you developed then restore a gateway backup. However, this will also overwrite all of the device connections, database connections, and everything else associated with the gateway.

If you want to update the version of Ignition then install the latest release over the previous release.

I’m talking about the project version.
I develop project updatings on the same gateway to have access to all connections, DBs and so on… so i can’t replace the entire gateway by backup.

Now i work on a project dev “copy”, called Dev, and when it’s ready, i need to replace the original project, the Prod, with Dev.
I’ve tried exporting Dev on file and reimporting it overwriting Prod, but this is only possible changing the internal XML name after export… a quick and dirty solution… not so good.
I’m searching the correct way to get this working :scratch:

I also thought about sending resources to the other project by the designer, but there are too many objects to send, i don’t like this idea.


Exporting the .proj file and importing it into the other Ignition system is the only way I can see to do this. We don’t have an option, or way, to import projects overwriting a previous version. You would need to import, remove the old project, then rename the newly imported project. I don’t see any other way to do this.

Not totally ideal, but one way could be to turn off the Auto-Publish feature and then do your development on the main project, launching the “Staged” version to test your mods, then “Publish” it when you’re ready to go live to all clients.

I guess the downside is no easy way to revert back to the previously published version if something goes wrong during development. I’d recommend doing a full gateway backup first and also probably a separate .proj export.