Project Save takes too long, any way to improve?

Saving our project on a local workstation takes 15-30 seconds for each save. Any way to improve? Also, it seems very slow, 5-10 secs. sometimes to edit a tag

First, give the designer more memory… (a lot).

Make sure you haven’t populated any tables or dropdown menus with large datasets.


I’ve noticed that saving projects when you altered shared resources (like a shared template) can take very long. Even if it’s the only project of that gateway.

When you save a project, a lot of things have to happen, any one of which can slow things down.

The Designer has to take all the resources you’ve changed, bundle them up, send them to the Gateway, which then needs to save them in the Gateway’s internal database. The larger the change, the more time and memory each of these parts will take.

As Phil and Kevin said, the two most common issues are your Designer being short on memory and saving large datasets as part of your project. But a laggy network, a Gateway that’s short on memory or disk space, or a Gateway that’s accessing the internal database a lot will also slow down the saves. Just about any of these issues (except the large datasets) will also cause slow tag edits. You’ll need to do some detective work to see where the problem is, but the good news is these are all good improvements to make in your system so the effort won’t be wasted.

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Thanks All,

I have attempted to increase the memory of the designer but do not believe that I actually have. In the gateway, I changed the designer memory to 4GB and re-Launched the designer. The jnlp file does show the 4GB to be the max. But when I launch the designer, I’m still seeing max of 910MB in the lower right on the screen. Other posts suggest that this is the max memory.

The Gateway is on my local machine where I also use the designer.
We do not have any large datasets in the projects, only small ones.
Not the network as both local.

Don’t mind detective work but where to start?

Try clearing the Java cache to ensure you’re actually using that updated .jnlp:
Java likes to keep using an existing .jnlp, even if you’ve downloaded a different one. You could also use the native client launcher.

Thanks, clearing the cache did work. Designer now showing 3641MB available. Now to test further.

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