Project screenshots - share yours

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Hi! It look great :+1:.
Can you please share me some information about this project.
Which brand of products/models you have used for monitor the water flow rate and water pressure?


Start a new thread please


Hi Nader, can you be more specific please, where exactly do you put keyframes ? tx.


In the light.css theme file of perspective.

Just FYI: if you do this and you reinstall Ignition or upgrade it, you'll lose your changes. You should put all your custom css into a new theme file


Thanks, indeed, I created a new theme file and left it there.

Hello everyone,
This is my last project in Perspective. I divide whole project to some short videos.

The Part 1: GIS System Video Link:

For High resolution quality please check YouTube link.


Always your way of work out of the Box.
I have few questions.
How you implement offline map and run History movement on the map itself?
Thanks Nadir you added a lot to Ignition community.

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Thank you Tamer.
I download all map tiles and put them on ignition web server folder and make ignition server as tile server.
For history movement I read the location of all available vehicle and send message to map object and in map change the related lat and lng.


Thanks Nadir

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I try to develop to High Performance HMI for P&ID pages.
The system has tag search engine to find device in P&ID like DCS systems.
This video is the second episode of the Geo SCADA System walkthrough.
Watch full walkthrough of the project:


is it done in Ignition perspective or some other SCADA?

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Of course it is all done in perspective.
It is the power of perspective and me. :rofl: :sweat_smile:


Amazing Nader! I think this might be the best SCADA application I have ever seen.

I got to say that the responsiveness of Perspective is mind blowing. All that different content just showing instantaneously…


I have to wonder if this is video editing magic, as I have screens that are half as complicated as this that take a few seconds, sometimes more, to load!


I'm right there with you. I haven't updated to the 8.1 so I'm not sure if that plays a factor, but the stuff I've developed is nowhere near that responsive :frowning:


U guys might be right :frowning:

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Lincoln was way ahead of his time, talking about the internet back in the 1860's!

I'm using 8.1.0, haven't tried the later versions but from what I know there haven't been any major strides YET

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