Project screenshots - share yours

Amazing… That responsive design is super impressive as well, something I will need to do for an upcoming project. Keep em coming Nader, very inspirational. Although, as with most things inspirational, the rest of us can only hope to get 10% of the way there :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Amazing Nadir … your way of using perspective value is different … thanks a lot of sharing this


Automatic detection system for trucks by RFID technology. With the capture of weight from the scale through serial 485 converters. It is a ticket station where the user prints his own ticket. a car service


Interesting. It reminds me of this project in Colombia (Cáqueza, Department of Cundinamarca) 2014 for fixed and mobile toll stations. And all these beautiful trucks richly illuminated!

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hi nader, are these arrows a gif?

No there are just SVG. With vision timer you can animate them easily.
In each iteration you move the svg shape a head until reach the limit and send back svg to original position.


thanks you

Interested yo know if you using a standard for the devices (valves, pumps, flow switches) or are these a specific customer specification?

No standard per se, and no customer spec. These are our own with influence from ASM and HPHMI guidelines, but not quite

Nice work :+1:

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Impressive design

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96x96 LED screen control for sending data from vehicle plates with connection with ignition



Energy Consumption Dashboard
Thanks to forum, I got great support from Ignition community whenever I stuck on some challenges


Hi I’d like to share with you some screens of my first project in Maker Edition ! your feedback is welcomed.


Hi everyone, I find many projects very impressive. Could you give me some advice to design a responsive UI in Ignition? Does it require much knowledge about CSS?
I want to design a screen with a control area like the figure below. What can do at the first step?

Thank you so much for your time!


What I normally do is create a draft on how I see the screens should be, then analyze which portions can make use of templates. In this case, you already have an expected view of the layout and what data will be displayed. With your screenshot, this would be easy in Ignition and will not require complex knowledge on programming or even CSS. You may draw shapes on the screen for the representation of the control areas, or you may also want to use images instead. Other objects in your screenshot such as the radial graph/pie chart, bar graph, trend/easy chart are already available in the Ignition Designer.


if you mean Perspective then yes you need to know CSS and also know SVG. This image from Vision. In perspective for the solar layout, you need to use external SVG drawing tools like Inkscape. Then import it and bind your dynamic object.


How did you make the appearance that the squares sort of popout with the shadow effect?

Is this a background image, or settings for containers?

Is Gimp on par with Inkscape, or do I need to switch to Inkscape?
I figured out that I need both.

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He might have used the boxShadow style under background >> advanced on the elementStyle of the Flex repeater to give the instances that look…

something like 20px 20px 30px 5px rgba(0,0,0,0.3)


i made it by boxShadow