Project script thinks it is shared

Hi - has anyone had this problem: I have two projects on the same gateway which appear to think they are sharing the project scripts area.

For example, I have bunch of project scripts in Project A, one being called PopupControl.

I then created Project B, where the Project Script area was empty. I went to add a script similar to Project A, but specific to Project B, and for consistency, I tried to call the script PopupControl.

However, Ignition refuses to allow it saying the name is already in use. It seems to think that the script is a shared/global script, but I was under the impression the project.PopupControl should be specific to the project, and thus naming wouldn’t matter? Would be grateful if someone could clarify this.


ETA - Using Ignition V7.8.4

Definitely appears to be a bug.

If I rename PopupControl in Project A, Project B still won’t allow me to use that name.

I can add testScript to both Project A and Project B, but the scripts that were in Project A originally have some kind of lock on them.

This is pretty frustrating. I have lots of reusable template components that look for PopupControl, so I don’t want to make a new name, and I shouldn’t have to.

I have restarted the gateway, and deleted the .ignition folder, but the problem persists.

Edited - I have just seen, upon using the Export function, that the script files are there in Project B, but they appear to be hidden as can be witnessed in this screenshot - you cannot see, for example, ‘showPopups’ within the SCRIPTS area, but the script is visible in the export window. Hence me not being able to name a new file ‘showPopups’. However, these files are hidden and cannot be edited or deleted so I don’t see any option other than create a new project from scratch and copy my work into it, a massive waste of time…

I would recommend getting in contact with support - they should be able to straighten this out for you.