Project Settings Question

I have an application where one project will look at data from multiple sites. The application will be the same, but the database source and security settings will unique for each site.

My thinking is to have a generic log on screen that has buttons for each site and based on the button pressed, these two settings are passed into the project as input parameters. Is this possible?

You can’t [1] change the defaults from within the project, but you could write to client tags, and then always refer to the values of those client tags within your scripting/bindings.

1: Okay, it’s probably technically possible, but it’s going to be brittle, and hacky.

I figure out a way with the database source, exactly as you stated.
Its the Security User Source i am having issues with

Hmm. Could you use security zones for differential access control in the same user source?

The only other option would be a series of ‘failover’ user sources - a generic one set on the project, with a ‘soft’ failover to ‘user source A’ used in the first variation of the project - which itself has a soft failover to ‘user source B’.

that won’t work. This application has 15 individual plants and each plant has its own unique set of user accessed from AD and its own unique database.
Rather than try to maintain 15 different projects, i was think having only 1 project and passing the name of the data source and security settings. As i stated i can use a client tag for the database and make sure each client does not have the database source ‘hard coded’.

it is looking like more only one security source and i will ask the customer to add a role that includes the name of the plant to access, then in scripting i can see if the logged in user has the role assigned to that plant.