Project template dropdown missing values

The project template dropdown menu is blank in the create new project form.
Any ideas on how to fix it?

What version of Ignition are you on?


Were they there before and now missing? Is this a test server or your production server?

This is a production server upgraded from 7.9.
Test server, fresh 8.0 install, has the values.

The Designer you are working with, does it have access to the internet? It will need access to the internet to get the templates.

No, it does not have access to Internet. All our gateways are installed on servers that dont have access to internet for security reasons.

Okay, so that’s why. In 8.0, we moved the project templates to an external resource - specifically, If you’d just like those templates for your own use, you could download the .zip files locally and move them onto a machine that’s able to connect to your gateway.

You mean import the proj files manually before starting a new project?
Can I change the settings somewhere to look for these external resource in a different location where my gateway has access?

No, the template search path is hardcoded - I suppose you could override your hosts or DNS to point somewhere else, but that seems overkill.

I would suggest downloading them manually, then importing on the gateway every time you want to create a new project. There’s no difference between doing that and starting from the templates, it’s just a bit less convenient.


Do custom icon library need internet to work too?
I created a custom library that I am able use on Icon component in test server (connected to internet) but not in production server (not connected to internet) ?

Remember to mark the imported project as ‘inheritable’ as well

@PGriffith, Where can you download the project templates from? I am having the same issue as ankitkarwa21

All the individual file links are in the JSON response from the URL I listed above.

Does anyone successfully configure the project template without internet access here?

Can you please share your work around.

Thanks a lot.


Load them in a system connected to the internet. Manually export from that server to project files. Transport files to production environment. Manually import the desired project template as a new project name.

thanks that is what i have done. Searching for work around with out import export if we have downloaded the template.



Import/export is the workaround.

After you have the appropriate templates via project import, you can use the designer’s “send…” function to copy a template to an existing project.