[project] Template Repeater Example

The example project aims to address some issues I have encountered when working with the repeater:

  • manually setting templateParams,
  • refreshing loaded templates when the templateParams data changes but the dataset’s count does not,
  • accessing loaded templates at the correct time with getLoadedTemplates().

TemplateRepeaterExample_2017-11-28_0833_partial.proj (19.4 KB)


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I have problems with manually setting templateParams as well.

this is what i do in my script on my template:

window = system.gui.getWindow('Popups/Add')
dtset = window.getRootContainer().getComponent("Template Repeater").templateParams
pyData = system.dataset.toPyDataSet(dtset)

---> here i do some things with my pyData

window.getRootContainer().getComponent("Template Repeater").templateParams = newdtset

i have this in a try except, but this row gives me an error:
window.getRootContainer().getComponent("Template Repeater").templateParams = newdtset

by the way: its working how it should be, except i get error messages everytime i a field on the template repeater when this row is called

it is working now, i made an extra custom propertie on my rootcontainer. i bind the sql query to that propery and set the template repeater binding to that propertie instead of the sql binding. a little bit weird but at least it works