Project Templates

Ignition 8.2

I have tried Ignition 8.0 and 8.2. I am not able to select a project template for any thing on either version.

Just a guess- I do not know what your experience is like, and hope that you find this link to be of help. Your post did not say anything about this default ( if you look at the link video , you will know which defaut- at around 43 seconds in ).

Sorry, I should have clarified better. When creating a new project, the drop down for project templates does not display anything. I have two different machines. One updated to 8.0 and one to 8.0.2. Both share the same issue.

That would look like a program problem to me, unless:Project Name not given or changed; UserSource blank (not sure if blank would cause that); Preview Mode is incorrect (which I would doubt- was Green Arrow on second line of Designer or Project Menu choice ) or Perspective Module alternate Vision Module not installed ( eval copy? ). I will see if I can attach a link file from the manual and expect that support might notice my message or just the accumulation (count) of messages here. CreatingNameandUSERsourcerequiredQ

This forum is not an official source of support. For anything important, contact IA’s actual support.

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Duly Noted-
"Https : / / support . inductiveautomation . com "( without spaces or quotes , as in link below )
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