Project Update Event not running in Inherited Project

Hit a little bit of a roadblock and wanted to see how others are handling this case. Looks like all gateway event scripts don't run in an inherited project.

Essentially I have 3 projects, one project with all the templates and screens. And a project for each of the two cells. I am trying to setup git on the template project so that we can track changes. With those events disabled in inherited projects, what is the best way to capture changes in the inherited project? Will a save in the inherited project still trigger an event in the other projects?

I was trying to avoid the 3rd party Git module since I wanted something I knew I could support, but starting to think that might be the route I should pivot to.

Gateways events are stored as a single resource. So would be overridden all-or-nothing.

But most such events are not appropriate to be run from every leaf. Basically, don't define events in inheritable projects. At all.

Agreed, Looks like the event fires in the Cell Project if the inherited project changes, so should be fine with just putting the script in one of the running projects and having it run there.

This came up at some point in the past and we're actively working on a way to hook even inheritable projects into VCS systems more easily. The existing project update script is mostly a "quick fix" needed for an ICC demo a few years ago, not our ultimate solution to VCS in projects :slight_smile:


Resurrecting this as I'm having the same issue and I'm curious about a workaround.

I have an parent project with a gateway script that's used to automatically commit to git on the backend. The children projects inherit this same script (intentionally, as I want them all to function the same way).

The gateway event script doesn't fire on the parent project, so those git commits never happen. But any saves to the parent project cause all the child projects to commit at the same time. I'm guessing this is the same behavior that @grietveld saw.

Any suggestions for a temporary workaround so I can have the commits trigger on the parent too?

I'm using the same idea to use the Project Update to Trigger the git command to push the changes. Any update on this topic?