Project updates not correctly sent to the clients

For a while now I’ve suspected that updates aren’t merged correctly on our clients. Sometimes it almost feels like more clients are running in parallel even though only one client is running on a machine.

Now that I had some time on hand I decided to verify this and only after a few minutes of testing I noticed that I had to publish an update 7 times before an added component appeared on a client running on my development machine and again 4 times before it disappeared after I deleted it.
Another test confirmed that if I add a button with an action that shows a message box, publish it (until it appears), then after altering the text in that message box and publish the changes it is random what text is showed when the button is clicked until the project has been published another few times.

The notification mode is set to push for this project.

Anyone who knows what is going on? Running ignition platform 7.9.9

I just came to the forums looking for answers here too. I’m getting the same behaviour. Sometimes its only with Staging updates, but i’ve just had a complaint from a customer that a published change didn’t update. I could only get the update to show up if i closed and re-opened another client instance.
This is pretty unacceptable…
Also running 7.9.9. Perhaps its time to upgrade.

This is happening again with v7.9.13. Pretty damn irritating. I’ve had changes show up on published clients but not staging. With project setting set to “Push”.

I’ve had success in the past by doing the following:
Save Project
Export Project
Delete project from gateway
Import project back in.