Project version tracking

I’m looking for a good way to track the versions and modification in our project. We have 2 Ignition gateways and some projects live on both gateways. It is hard to track who did what and what modification have been installed on wich gateway…

Any ideas?


I’m interested in how people have handled this as well – being new to Ignition the current built-in methods for change tracking are pretty scary when looking at managing change control across multiple sites with multiple developers.

For instance, is there a built-in way to verify that two gateways are running the same version of a project?

I’ve pictured using the EAM system to publish all projects to the controller initially, and then syncing them to agents as part of our publishing routine. The gotcha there is that there are projects that shouldn’t be launchable from the controller – maybe that is solvable with permissions but working through all that has been interesting.

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