Project will not change to new User Source

I created a new AD/Internal Hybrid user source added roles, user and verified the user. Then I went to Config-Projects-[My Project]-Connections and changed it to the new user source and confirmed in the designer under project settings. It still wants me to login using the old user source when I launch a session. But it does use the new one when I open the designer.

Did you create an identity provider (IdP) to match?

Then select that in the project too.

It's a good while since I did this but I suspect that this may solve your identity crisis.

Now I have completely locked myself out of everything. Any suggestions on how to get back in?

I got back in and created the identity provider and changed it in every place I could find, and no luck. I have screenshots of everything but don't see anyway to attach

To avoid this in future I suggest:

  • Leave the Administrator account in the 'default' provider.
  • Set the AD/Internal Hybrid to soft-failover to the default.
    This way you can always log in to the Ignition gateway if the AD link fails or you mess up a setting and break the AD functionality (which would otherwise lock you out).

Make sure that 'Administrator' username and role in your AD setup is spelt exactly the same as in the default.

This is probably the only user you'll need in the default user source unless you want to create an account for someone outside of your organisation.

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Here is everything that I updated. I added an admin that is exactly the same as default and nothing changed. I am adding a button and selecting Login on the click event and it will not take my AD login.

Thanks, it was late. :crazy_face:

If nobody else replies I'll have a look later but "Materials" is not a good name for an identity provider. Name it after the AD service (which hopefully has not been called "Materials").

I was able to get it working by changing the strategy to Classic