Project will not fullscreen without menu bar

Project launched full screen without menu bar only when launched from gateway webpage. When I launch it from a .bat file or CMD line it shows menu bar and close button. I have deleted out the ignition folder and same issue. Here is my CMD line script that is causing the issue.
“Start iexplore.exe

You really need to switch to the native client launcher…

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I found my mistake and it works now. I needed to add fs for full screen after launch.
Start iexplore.exe**fs**/client/DowntimeMobile.jnlp

I’ll echo Phil here - this is going to be incredibly easier to automate/distribute with the native client launcher. It’s a series of command line arguments that make sense, and you can even send out a prebuilt folder/zip with Java preinstalled. I would highly recommend checking out the client launchers.