Project with screen using tag fro multiple gateway?

In a large architecture, with 2 or more gateway, I would like to manage a single project connected to all the gateway, with screens using tags from all the gateway with no-copy or a consolided gateway needed.

Is it possible with the 7.4 ? or in next version.
I see the retargeting function, for switching beetween projetc, but if the screen need tag from various gateway, wath is the solution ?

Perhaps there is other way to achieve it ?

A project running on a particular gateway, can access devices on multiple gateways, or OPC-UA servers.

I my case, the main Ignition server has no local devices connnected. There is also a copy of Panel Edition running on another box and it has the all the devices connected to it. There is also a motion controller by Bosch Rexroth that has an OPC-UA server built in.

When in Designer working on a project on the main Ignition server, when you browse OPC you see all off the OPC-UA servers and their devices and tags.

I can see the Panel Edition and all of the devices connected to it.
I can see the main Ignition server that has no devices attached.
I can see the motion controller and all of the tags declared and published therein.

This is really sweet.

I hope this helps.