ProjectResourcePathSelector Root Node/Icons

I’m trying to get my ProjectResourcePathSelector to be as pretty as the Named Query selector. Are there any tricks or do I just need to come up with my own TreeCellRenderer?

rampPath = new JTextField();
ProjectResourcePathSelector selector = new ProjectResourcePathSelector(context, RampResource.RESOURCE_TYPE, TextlikeComponent.of(rampPath));
rampField = new ProjectResourcePathValidatedTextField(context, rampPath, RampResource.RESOURCE_TYPE, "RampNotFound");


Are you looking to render named query paths in particular? Or just want fancier icons?
The actual behavior of this ProjectResourcePathSelector is in fact a custom (private :frowning: ) renderer.

The icons in question, which I think you’d be able to use:

        static final Icon ROOT_ICON = getRootIconScaled(NamedQueryWorkspace.class, "nav/named-query-root.png", 16);
        static final Icon FOLDER_ICON = getRootIconScaled(NamedQueryWorkspace.class, "nav/folder-closed.png", 16);
        static final Icon QUERY_ICON = getRootIconScaled(NamedQueryWorkspace.class, "nav/named-query.png", 16);

Nah, I’m trying to render a tree of my own project resources (with my own icons). The names query path browser was just an example of the end goal.