Proof of concept : read/write/subscription for DB Tag

I really need to quickly valide read/write/subscription of a standart DB Tag from a java module in order to validate the use of Ignition for my project.
I need a proof of concept on this point.
Except this sdk difficulty, all other features seems to me very powerfull and flexible compared to other legacy scada solutions.

I use :
Sql Tag real time
default Internal Provider Built-in SQLTags provider
I create a string tag test2 under the default Provider?

I have an exception or a null value, but i can’t achive a good read (see other post)
I try with the 7.2.9-beta5 (b197).
I have to change my version : 7.2.8 ? or 7.3beta.
I read they was problem with acces right in 7.2.8 (read(Arrays.asList(path),null,true); for examp

Do I check other point ? could you send me a java exmaple code to test :
a read
a write
a subscrition
with log

Best regards.


We’ll try to get the version stuff sorted out soon, and make the 7.3 sdk available (I don’t think it currently is). Until then, you should be able to use 7.2.9.

I suppose we could make an example that shows this, but I’m curious: why is this required for your project? What are you trying to accomplish exactly? I ask for a couple reasons, but mainly because there may be another way to do what you want. The SDK is powerful, but unfortunately it requires a pretty fair level of Java knowledge to really make progress, and we can’t offer a very high level of support for it (only on the forum, which obviously takes a long time to make progress). If I have an idea of what you need to do overall, and why you think the SDK is the best way to do it, I might be able to direct you better.


I put some basic examples on your other thread: viewtopic.php?f=74&t=6930