Proper way to limit specific projects to specific users

What is the proper way to limit specific projects to specific users or groups? Lets say I have 3 projects that each belong to one of 3 different groups of users on the same network. I want group 1 to only be able to access project 1, group 2 access project 2, and so on. If this has already been addressed, i’d be happy with a link to the manual or article. Seems simple enough but I’m not finding the answer. Thanks,

Project > Properties > Security Settings

Hi Jason,

The way I do it is to limit the through user roles.

You could add users to separate roles Project1 roles,Project2 roles etc.
And then in the project properties under general (security settings) you could specify
that role in the Required Client Roles section.


I try to always apply permissions to roles/groups not individuals.